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Hartley was born in the beautiful city of Belleville, Ontario around the same time The Beatles were performing at the Casbah club in Liverpool- although that was purely a coincidence.

He’s had the same guitar for over 30 years- which also coincidentally, is exactly how long it would take you to watch all of the Star Wars movies from start to finish.

While in the music store, he strummed every guitar till he got to the very end and then back again and the Fender won twice. He eventually bought it before he was thrown out and told never to return.
Hartley wrote his first song when he was 18 and was so bad, he can't remember the title. His second song came 10 years later. He can remember the title- fortunately he can't remember anything else about it.

He really enjoys writing songs for T.V. and films, where fortunately, everyone seems to remember them! He also is fond of writing lullabies and songs with weird names in the title (hey, YOU trying coming up with a rhyme for “Bertha”).

Some of his musical influences include The Beatles, The Guess Who and most other groups that begin with “the” in their names.